Thursday, 6 March 2014


What a day!

As it was World Book Day, I took a day out from my 'day job' to spend some time with a few schools and playgroups.  

I spent this morning and a good part of the afternoon reading The Birds at the Bottom of the Garden to lots of little ones throughout my town and nearby villages.  I did a book signing at the local toddler group too, and quite frankly I got showered with compliments.

If you have a copy of The Birds at the Bottom of the Garden, then why not read it to your little ones tonight before they go to sleep, and then go out at the weekend to see how many of the characters you can find together.

I now can't wait until World Book Day comes round again.  Rarely have I had a more lovely and uplifting day!

As of the time of this post, there are just 7 'first edition' copies left.  If you order a copy today, I will include a free bookmark (usually £1.00).  

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