Tuesday, 26 August 2014

UPDATE: It's all coming together, nicely.

I would just like to take some time to bring you up to speed on the goings on at British Wildlife Tales HQ:

Where it all happens...


I had a superb response to the 'Meet the Author' and 'Birdwatch/Bug Hunt' event at the Haverhill Library recently, with over 60 people in attendance (37 of them were very exictable 'little ones').  We found lots of slugs, spiders, mites and beetles and even managed to see a nesting pair of Collared Doves.  Mr & Mrs Blackbird made an appearance too, albeit very briefly.

I really do love these events, they remind me how receptive children are to a great story, and a little bit of encouragement.  They really spur me on to get writing, and painting!


I have been spending a lot of time recently focussing on the next title in the series, 'The birds down the lane'. 

I have a few species to illustrate, and a whole load of backgrounds too.  It's going to take a while!

I'm delighted to say that I made some excellent progress with the words (something which I often find very difficult) over the last week.  In a week or so, the first draft of the text should be complete and ready for scrutiny.

I even happened to do an illustration for a book that I hadn't even planned to start yet, I was just in the groove, so I went for it.  More on that another time...


The schedule I currently have is for an October release date, potentially having a pre-order site open by the end of September.  Please visit back here for updates.


I am looking into producing some greetings cards/postcards and prints using illustrations and species from the books.  They are likely to be very competitively priced.  Do let me know which of the birds/animals you would like to see on these. You can email or use the comments field below.


If you are on Facebook, please look up "The Birds at the Bottom of the Garden & other wildlife tales" or click here to follow the frequent updates that I post on the Facebook page. 


Incidentally, if you haven't already 'liked' the Facebook page, please do as I am offering an exclusive original illustration of your favourite species of bird to one lucky 'liker' when the page reaches 500 'likes'


You can also follow progress on Twitter using the @GBWildlifeTales tag.  It'd be great to connect with you there.


That's all for now, thanks for dropping by, and if you have any questions or requests please get in touch using the CONTACT THE AUTHOR link.

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