Thursday, 9 October 2014

Two things I would really like you to consider...

I don't normally go all 'campaign-y' on this website, but there are two issues relating to the natural world that I feel generally quite strongly about.

Something to Grouse about?

The first is a relatively localised matter involving the misuse of wild habitat for the benefit of pleasure - Mark Avery writes well and often on this subject, specifically the destructive management of land to favour Grouse shooting.  His e-petition proposes that banning driven grouse shooting will have a hugely beneficial effect on this habitat as a whole, allowing equilibrium to be restored and for nature to take the lead once more.

I would like you to consider signing the e-petition by clicking the link here:

'Ban Driven Grouse Shooting - e-Petition'

Help create a future generation of Earth-lovers.

The second issue is something I have at the heart of what I try to do, practically every day.  I would love to see the day when everyone realises the value of all that is wild.  Nature is everything, interconnected, and incredibly robust, yet still utterly susceptible to exploitation.  The Grouse petition demonstrates what a lack of respect for nature has at quite a local level.

Educating future generations about the intricacies and delicacies of our own planet, and the species that live in it's own wide range of habitats will go a very, very long way to increasing the level of respect that humans have for it's wild neighbours. 

Matt Doogue agrees with my views here, and has taken this one step further.  He has decided to petition Government, asking them to include a standalone lesson in the curriculum focussed on educating our children about the importance of the animal kingdom.

Once again, I would like you to consider signing Matt's e-petition by clicking the link here:

'Teach our children about the Natural World and Conservation'


  1. Excellent ....... it feels as though people are beginning to pull together.

  2. Education and inspiration is the key, Diz.

    Thanks for stopping by and making the comment.