From the little birds that adorn your feeder, to the frogs that croak in the garden pond and the big strong stags in the mountain glen, British Wildlife Tales is a series of books that will keep your little ones mesmerised, and wanting to learn more.

Aimed at very young children, from 0 to around 6 years, the books will give your little ones just enough insight into the lives and appearances of the wonderful birds and animals of the British Isles, and will keep them interested right to the very last page!

The illustrations will simplify the most significant features of each bird or animal.  This will make it easier for your little terrors to identify what they see out in the lovely British countryside.

I really want my illustrations and words to be a source of excitement and inspiration to our children so they can grow up appreciating all of the creatures that live in our beautiful islands.

I would be over the moon if you could find time to share this page with your friends and family, and make comments about your favourite wild birds and animals.  Feel free to post your own photographs of the wildlife you see on your adventures, and tell me your stories too.  Who knows, your animal might even get to star in one of my books!

The first book in the British Wildlife Tales series - the Birds at the Bottom of the Garden - features a little one who wakes up and dashes outside to watch out for ten of the little birds that live at the bottom of their garden.  

The book is available to pre-order right now - click here to be taken to the PRE-ORDER PAGE.

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