Don't just take my word for it, read on to see the responses so far...

...all these little ones and their parents think that the first book is great!  

We have a Mr Dunnock fan!
This little one and her Mum rushed out to buy
a bird box, bird feeder and bird food after getting
their copy to read!

Colin Edwards, a professional wildlife photographer sent
in this photograph he took of the book with 
his little girl's night time milk. 
My daughter's school teacher was clearly
pleased with their class's copy.
This little one is practising his reading with his copy.

How about this for a happy reader?
Another reader sent me this photo of the two copies they
ordered.  One for themselves and another for the school
where his wife teaches.

I hope this reader doesn't have other
reasons for liking the book!

A proud daddy sent in this photo as soon as
his copy landed on his doormat/
Another happy adult - this time an Auntie
who can't wait to read it to her niece.

It looks like Miss Swift is a favourite for this little one!

This beautiful little one is so delighted she
begged her mummy to go and feed the birds!

Wow! - This little chap clearly likes
Mr & Mrs Collared Dove

A bookmark and a book, and the bottom of the
garden right behind this little one.
I think we have seen this young one
somewhere before, no?
One little boy  is excited about reading his
copy with another special little one.

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