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'What's in the Wood Pile?' by Carl A. Mynott

The third book in the British Wildlife Tales series is now available to order for delivery and if you are in the UK, you still have time to get it before Christmas 2016 if you add a couple of days handling time before the Royal Mail Last Posting Dates (LINK HERE)

This book sees the little one and their mother head down to the wood pile by the shed to see what lives there, introducing your little one to 10 incredible creatures from earwigs to hedgehogs, and lots of other lively beasts along the way.  All of these little beings can be safely handled, so long as you promise not to hurt them in any way.  

Look out for other wildlife as you make your way through the book, such as the birds in the sky and insects on leaves, or perhaps even in the trees.  

As usual, knowing how hard it can be to get grown-ups outside, there is a page dedicated to helping them to give you more time to do just that.

I have continued the tradition of including a checklist at the back of the book - this is purely and simply so you can take the book out, get it dirty, and find lots of amazing animals as you try to tick off what you have found in the wood pile.

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